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    i am getting an error when populating the customer table.  my error from the opensync log is:
    invalid obect name ‘additionalnotesdetail’.:  additional notes in table customer:-2147217865

    in the coreobjxdb, the error is:
    error: invalid object name ‘additionalnotesdetail’.(gendeletetable in table additionalnotesdetail )

    our opensync version is 2.0.35.  our quickbooks 13 enterprise version is v23.0.4008.0



    additional info:  the error is specific to one customer:project record.  however, the customer:project is near the beginning of the alphabet and no subsequent customers get processed after the error.  i opened the record in qb, and nothing looks out of place.



    yet more info: 
    the same error is caused by any customer which has a one or more notes listed in the customer center in qb.  removing the notes makes it work, but it just skips to the next customer that has a note.



    problem solved by synergration tech support.  here is their suggestion:

    this error was introduced by the latest update to qb 2013.  to get around this you can just create the following table:

                noteid – varvhar 10
                note – varchar 4095
                date – date/time
                idkey – varchar 36


    Posey Hedges

    Thanks for the tip kenbrey. Still getting errors. Looks like some notes have the same id?

    Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘Primary’: additonalnotes in table customer:-2147217900

    My (slow) work around is to run the task until it fails, delete the offending note and then re-run the task… Until it fails again.



    Tom Crawford

    If you remove the primary key designation for the NoteId column the problem will not occur.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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