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    When i right click on one of my Tasks and click Edit, the Table Name i assigned is correct. If i click on the Edit Button to edit the Task, the Table Name is incorrect and is the same no matter which one i select and edit using the Edit Button.

    Using the very latest version- just updated this morning. v3.0.24


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    There appears to be more problems than that. The details section is listing the wrong output table as well. All of my Tasks were imported from the version 2 configuration so maybe the import process is at fault. I’m not sure.


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    Very strange. I open the application for the first time and select a task. The properties to the right shows the correct data. If i select on another one, the properties of the first task are displayed. I’m afraid to run or edit anything because i don’t know what it will do. See attached screen shots.

    Can you help?

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    It definitely something to do with the newest version. I uninstalled OpenSync and reinstalled. If i use 3.0.19 the selections show the correct properties. If i choose the upgrade option to 3.0.24 then the selections are incorrect.


    Yudel Rosales

    I just released OpenSync 3.0.25 which fixed error:

    · Fix bug: Dashboard not refreshing properly.

    · Email notification: Password updated. Customers that use email notification have to install this update in order to continue getting notifications.

    Please uninstall current version and install the new one.

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