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    using v2.0.35

    i moved my company file on the server where it is hoste :pd.  i wanted to move it in opensync and found it unusually hard:[list:2zps9esl]
    [*:2zps9esl]there is no ‘edit’ for a company file (that i found).
    [/*:m:2zps9esl][*:2zps9esl]i created a new company file, and pointed it at the new location.  both company files were the same name.
    [/*:m:2zps9esl][*:2zps9esl]when i did this, in the company files summary, both paths were shown.  however, when i highlighted each company file, they both showed the original path.
    [/*:m:2zps9esl][*:2zps9esl]after switching all tasks to the new company file, i could not delete the old one.  it said it was still in use.
    [/*:m:2zps9esl][*:2zps9esl]i created a new company in quickbooks with a different name.  i made a new company file in opensync for it.  i edited all of my jobs to point them to the new company file.  then i was able to delete both of the company files with the original name.  i then opened my original company in qb, and created a new company in opensync for it.  i then edited all of my jobs to point to that company file, and deleted my junk company file. [/*:m:2zps9esl][/list:u:2zps9esl]please make it easier.


    Tom Crawford

    you can edit the osconfig.xml file directly to change the path to the company file.  this file is located in the folder c:\program data\synergration\opensync. 

    be aware however that if you change the path of the company file you will either need to repopulate the database or change the path for all entries in the history table in the database.  this is because if opensync detects that the path to the company file has changed from what is in the history table it will automatically start a full populate on the next refresh.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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