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    When I setup any Budget Report Refresh, it lists 10 2017’s but no 2018 for Fiscal Year to choose from. How do I get the current year’s Budget information available for the report?


    You will have to pick this year. If you have it already set up since last year, you will have to edit it.



    It is set up in QB, down to the class level, but it is not appearing as a Fiscal Year in the selection drop down box. It just shows a selection of 10 2017’s, no 2018’s. Do I need to setup a budget file in open sync somewhere, or should 2018 show up as an option from the Fiscal Year drop down.


    Are you doing that from QuickBooks or from OpenSync?



    I have attached a screenshot of what I am seeing. The budget is setup correctly in QB, this is all of my options in OpenSync.

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    I will look into that. I will keep you posted.


    That issue was resolved. Please uninstall current version and install the new one, OpenSync 3.0.18
    Here is the link for OpenSync v3: http://download.synergration.com/opensyncv3/opensync3.msi

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