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    I am testing out a trial and trying to set up a Refresh Report task. It seems that after making my selections and clicking save, the config program ignores some settings when saving to the OSConfig.xml file.

    The settings I entered / selected for the task:

    • Table Name: opensheetmetalreportdata
    • Report: Purchases => Open Purchase Orders By Job
    • Accounts: All
    • Names: All
    • Items: Filter by Name => Sheet Metal Fab (Service)
    • Classes: All
    • Transactions: All
    • Rows & Cols: Selected

    After saving and then running the task, the following error occurred:
    Task: Open Sheet Metal POs by Job Report failed. Error: Object "Sheet Metal Fab Service" specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list.:3120

    Next, I closed the config program and opened up the OSConfig.xml file. I noticed that the task definition was incorrect and did not match what I entered into the task settings screen.

    What it should be:

    The issues I noticed above:

    • The FullName element under ReportItemFilter incorrectly includes an extra tab character and the item type after the full name.
    • The ReportTable element does not match what is entered into the “Table Name” field in the settings screen

    Once I manually correct the OSConfig.xml file, the task works as expected and creates/populates the correct table.


    Yudel Rosales

    Unfortunately, QuickBooks has no documentation on the report query. You will have to try fields until you get what you need. Sorry for the inconveniences.



    Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my original post – I wasn’t asking about how to query certain fields for the report. I was describing an issue where OpenSync does not save some task settings correctly to the configuration file (OSConfig.xml).

    Instead of saving the FullName of the item(s) selected on the “Items” tab of the “Report Select” screen to the task definition, it saves the FullName followed by a tab character and then the item type
    For example, I only want to show transactions for a Service item named “Sheet Metal Fab”. OpenSync incorrectly saves <ReportItemFilter><FullName>Sheet Metal Fab Service</FullName></ReportItemFilter> instead of <ReportItemFilter><FullName>Sheet Metal Fab</FullName></ReportItemFilter> to the task definition.

    Instead of saving the value entered in the “Table Name” field on the “Task Edit” screen, it saves the name of the task instead
    For example, my task is named “Open Sheet Metal POs by Job Report” and I set the “Table Name” to “opensheetmetalreportdata”. OpenSync incorrectly saves <ReportTable>Open Sheet Metal POs by Job Report</ReportTable> instead of <ReportTable>opensheetmetalreportdata</ReportTable> to the task definition.

    I can work around both of the above issues by manually editing the OSConfig.xml file with a text editor, but will lose these fixes the next time I edit the task in the “OpenSync Configuration” tool.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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