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    Fixes for Facebook issue on computer
    When you are unable to access your Facebook on the computer, you can try out some fixes. Here are some common fixes for the issue of Facebook not opening:
    • The basic troubleshooting step is to restart your computer and check if Facebook is now working.
    • You can also try closing the browser, being used to access Facebook. When you restart it after a while, the issue might get resolved.
    • Sometimes the cookies, cache and browsing history of the browser can cause the issue. So, you can try deleting it from the browser and then check the working of Facebook.
    • You must check for the browser extensions and plugins. Some add-ons are not compatible with websites and applications. So, you can try disabling them.
    • Another option is to switch the browser, as sometimes the browsers are faulty.
    • If nothing works, you can uninstall the browser and reinstall it after some time. Your Facebook will be now working fine on your web browser.

    For any other issue related to Facebook, you can contact the technical support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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