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    I’m trying to import a report into SQL. The report is in Budgets & Forecasts, and I’m trying to get the Profit & Loss Budget vs Actual data into SQL. When I run it I get an error stating that the provided budget type is invalid for the required budget report: 3153. I have another report that I run and it is ok. But all of the reports in Budgets & Forecasts give me the error. I have submitted diagnostics to you via email on May 17th but received no answer. I have priority forum support so I guess I will try to submit my problem here.

    Another problem I have is after I create a new task (report updates) in OpenSync and save I can’t make changes to it. Today I was able to make a change one time but now when I want to make a change a message tells me I need to be logged into the company file to make these changes. I am logged into the company file. I have to delete the task and start over – very annoying..

    Where do priority forum members post? Is it here?


    Tom Crawford

    This is the proper channel to submit priority forum support requests. We will need you to enable the program feature “Trace Reports”. Then re-run the task and post a copy of the file c:\Program Data\Synergration\OpenSync\Logs\Report.XML in a zipped format. Once we see that we should be able to diagnose the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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