The key advantage of OpenSync is the turnkey nature of it. You can install it and have QuickBooks data bi-directionally syncing within minutes. OpenSync is very much a desktop application which will permit anyone with even a modicum of technical expertise access to real-time QB data from the friendly, open confines of a relational database.

CoreObjX is a development tool. It is a COM-library – on which OpenSync was developed – that will require a programmer to implement. If you have the wherewithal, you can use CoreObjX to talk directly to QuickBooks without the need of a bridge database like what OpenSync would create for you. This is ideal for those who already have an application in place or for those who don’t necessarily need to export data out to a SQL database.

CoreObjX DB – an add on for CoreObjX – specifically accounts for 80% of OpenSync functionality by exposing extremely powerful create, refresh, and populate database methods which effectively emulate the comparable calls made through the OpenSync UI.

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