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Don’t forget to also check our forums if you don’t find an answer to your question here. This page is relatively new so expect it to grow rapidly. All our products support QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, and Enterprise 2004 – 2018.

AccessBooks Updater

Where can I find the relationships between the database tables?

We’re looking to develop a simple document to illustrate these relationships – although many are very simple and repeated throughout – however since the database is modeled so closely to the QuickBooks XML specification you can use the Intuit documentation for further insight.

Intuit On Screen Schema Reference

Do you support QuickBooks for Mac?

No. Unfortunately, QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t have an API by which third-party solutions can integrate. We wish it did though.

Why is there no STATUS column in the LineDetail tables?

The STATUS column is superfluous in child tables such as InvoiceLineDetail, SalesOrderLineDetail due to the one-many relationship between it and its parent record.   If the STATUS column for the parent record is set, all child records will automatically be referenced and acted upon.

Do you support Microsoft Access .ACCDB database file formats?

We only support .MDB files as they are a common denominator across all versions of Access. You can easily link an accdb format file to an MDB file from within Access. Segmenting your data and logic from the replicated QB data is our recommended practice anyway as it makes it much easier to upgrade the QB schema down the road to support newer versions of QB.

“lsLicense30.dll failed to register” during installation

We’ve seen this error a few times and are working with the developers of our third-party license control to mitigate it but in the mean time the best solution we’ve seen is temporarily lower or disable User Access Control in Windows during the installation. Once the application is installed and all components registered, it’s perfectly fine to reset UAC to its previous level.

How to adjust user access control in Windows Vista / Windows 7