In short, no.

To effectively move data to and from QuickBooks, there are myriad fields that need to be accounted for. Even if your database miraculously had all these fields present, it would still require you – through OpenSync – to complete an arduous and non-trivial process of mapping your data field to QuickBooks fields.

Our database is modeled directly against the full QuickBooks XML specification and therefore is set up, out of the box, to handle every transaction, entity, and list item the API makes available to us. We felt creating our own sync database was the most reliable and effective means of implementing a QuickBooks sync solution.

You would then write to and query from our database in order to read and write to your QuickBooks company file. For developers looking to integrate DIRECTLY with an existing database and would like to eliminate the OpenSync bridge solution, we recommend our CoreObjX library. It is a wrapper for the complex QB XML API and allows you to read and write directly to QuickBooks with as few lines of code as possible.

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