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We offer fully-functional free trials of all our software and honor a no-questions-asked refund policy if not completely satisfied.

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Full QuickBooks 2020 Support

OpenSync 3.0 and CoreObjX full support the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop - Pro, Premiere, and Enterprise.

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A few of our customers

We pride ourselves in developing dynamic solutions that can cater to large corporations looking to integrate their world-class tools and services with QuickBooks as well as small businesses simply seeking to extend and enhance their QuickBooks experience.

Move, manipulate, and make with Synergration solutions.

If you need to develop a custom QuickBooks integration yourself, synchronize with Microsoft Office, or require mere read-write data access via the QuickBooks API, Synergration has the solution for you.

Link QuickBooks to Office

Use XBooks to create powerful QuickBooks-linked reports in Excel and SyncBooks to ensure Google (Gmail) contacts are synced with your QuickBooks customer list.

QuickBooks Sync, Export, & Import

AccessBooks Updater will push data in, AccessBooks RealTime will pull it out, and OpenSync does both.

Platform agnostic tools

CoreObjX and CoreObjX DB are robust development libraries for the QuickBooks API that operate in any COM-compatible environment.

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Working with your QuickBooks data is easy

A QuickBooks SDK alternative that effortlessly moves your QuickBooks data to and from a MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, or even Access database at the push of a button. Export and import transactions into QuickBooks with ease. No monthly fees. One-time purchase. Install and sync!

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Get Syncing!

OpenSync is a server based QuickBooks integration designed to sync data between QuickBooks and an external database. This provides a platform for building highly scalable applications that integrate with QuickBooks and can serve as an alternative to time-intensive QuickBooks SDK development. Applications for this replication engine include web site integration, custom report generation and publishing, time tracking applications and Microsoft SharePoint integration. Now with Microsoft SQL Azure support!

What our customers have to say

Whether it's a custom QuickBooks integration or retail solution, Synergration is dedicated to ensuring a quality solution at reasonable cost while maintaining a high-level of customer satisfaction.

In more than 30 years in the software industry in the Philadelphia area Synergration ranks at the top for me. Tom Crawford and Ryan McManimie are truly professionals and go the extra miles to make sure their customers are satisfied. Their QuickBooks integration tools are innovative and well thought out and their success is not surprise to me. They have earned their reputation as QuickBooks API gurus.

Keith Smeraglio
Senior Engineer, Opvantek Inc.

I can't express in words how much time and effort Synergration's QuickBooks integration tools have saved me. Time is money, and Synergration has saved me a boat load. CoreObjX made working with the QuickBooks API dead simple and now that I can sync QuickBooks data to Microsoft Azure, I'm in cloud bliss.

Carly Kalrisman
CEO Buzzworthy Studio

In addition to OpenSync's query capabilities, its ability to connect to SQL and Access are seamless and easy to use. OpenSync is an amazing ETL tool that brings value to my clients from the beginning. 1000% ROI!

Jorge G
Principal - Vermis Analytics

[My clients] have tried for years to find a way to get a specific report out of QuickBooks, only to be told by accountants and QB Advisors that it was not possible. With OpenSync, I was able to build the query for them live, as they described what they were looking for. It took about 5 minutes! They were floored!

Rich Powers
Owner - The PC Help Desk

Awesome. Tom and Ryan were super helpful. It just works. I’m still getting the hang of it and am just using to to pull data from quickbooks right now, but it is pretty awesome. We are going to connect via ODBC to Amazon Web Services and it will make my life so much easier. Right now we just connect to a local access file and my book keeper is in heaven. I definitely recommend!

Shaan Mehta

If you are already familiar with database programming, OpenSync is a way better tool than Quickbooks SDK development. If you have another company database storing other business operational data and need integration with Quickbooks data in certain parts for accounting purposes, OpenSync is a must-have tool which save you time and money.

Jack Lai

We too have been **attempting** to use QODBC. After 26 pages of config, troubleshooting, support calls, we were frustrated to find that the product was consistently unstable. A friend recommended we try OpenSync. I watched the how-to video and was running with the eval license of OpenSync in 10 min. Stable.. seamless. Love it! Good work guys.

Trey James

We’ve been using QODBC and custom capture jobs to extract data to a reporting database in SQL Server. This was VERY clunky, with the background hooks to QuickBooks often hanging and blocking the processes from completing. [With OpenSync], based on the ease of setup, the accuracy and speed of refreshes, the need to not have multiple scripts and integration points to troubleshoot, and the ability to synchronize MULTIPLE companies to a report server makes this tool EXACTLY what we need!

Dan Jeppson