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    I am using the demo and I am having problems retrieving any invoicing data. No matter how I try to get them(By Tran Number, By Date Range, By GET ALL)

    The application takes longer depending on which request I make, indicating that it is doing something different, but every time the count comes back zero. As you can see by the attachment I am able to get other data sets.

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    Generally, using the GetAll method on Invoices is not a good idea since the data set can be quite large. Make sure you have invoices within the date span specified. You can also use the Max parameter on the GetAll to limit the number of invoices returned.

    Also, you and enable the XML tracing by setting the DebugLogPath on the QBConnection object like this:

    QBConn.DebugLogPath = “C:\Temp\Trace.XML”
    Inv.GetAll True, 100 ‘ include line items, limit to 100 invoices returned
    QBConn.DebugLogPath = “”

    The XML file will contain the request to and response from QB.



    Thanks Tom, This is what the log returns on both Inv.GetByDateMacro LastCalendarYear and Inv.getall

    <InvoiceQueryRs statusCode=”1″ statusSeverity=”Info” statusMessage=”A query request did not find a matching object in QuickBooks” />

    There are over 20 thousand invoices in our company file.


    That’s strange. Have you tried running a rebuild on the company file within QB?



    I will try that today, thanks.



    Well…I did a Verify, Rebuild, Condense, Rebuild and tried to Get invoices after each step. Zero every time. Again, I do not have any problem retrieving data on any other object that I have tried. Any ideas?


    That’s very strange. If the XML requests look correct then it must be a problem with your company file. We can take a look at your company file if you’re willing to share it with us. Please contact support@synergration.com if so.

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