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    We had a database corruption and opted to repopulate from a 1.1GB QB Company File. Started at 0430 this morning and by 1800 it was half way done. Is there anything I could check or do to speed this process up. Company was unable to ship items today and looks like we will be unable to ship tomorrow. Any advise on how to get this repopulate, updating/refreshing cycle going again would be greatly appreciated.



    I am in NO WAY an expert on the product but we also have a QB file that is close to 1GB and, speaking from experience, I always use the filters for the big tables like TimeTracking and InvoiceLineDetail. In fact, I will usually populate EVERY table other than TimeTracking, Invoice, InvoiceLineDetail and maybe Customer and then use filters that limit records to approximately a single calendar year for the tables mentioned (six months might be even better!). It takes some maintenance but it’s only until you’ve got them populated.

    Hope that helps. FYI, it’s QB’s SDK and there crappy DB that takes all the time. Before finding OpenSync I used to write my own code and I know for a fact it’s QB that causes the slowdown.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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